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  • BackStopp uses US Department of Defence standards to destroy data on lost or stolen PCs, Laptops, PDAs or Mobile phones
  • Utilises multiple transports including GSM, Internet, WiFi and RFID
  • Always on, not reliant on an internet connection
  • Culprit Identification capability
  • Volume based file encryption
  • Integrates with a secure online backup service so all your data can be easily reloaded on to a new device
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BackStopp Data loss prevention

Backstopp enables organisations and individuals to perform a remote deletion of data files on any lost or stolen PC, Laptop, PDA or Mobile phone utilising either the GSM (mobile) network, Internet or RFID.

Off-premise solution As soon as you realise your device is lost or stolen simply login to the BackStopp web console to securely delete all data on the device using US Department of Defence standards. Once your data is secured a detailed report will show what data was destroyed, the device's last known location and even a photo of the culprit.

On-premise solution Receive a SMS alert when your laptop, PC or server leaves a designated area of your workplace. If the laptop was removed maliciously, simply reply to the alert message to remotely destroy all data on the device.

New featureVolume encryption - Backstopp now provides integrated volume encryption.

New featureMobile phone support - Backstopp now protects all data files, emails, text messages, contacts and appointments on your mobile phone.